As your State Senator,

I will work to make sure we have quality education and we have a great business climate.  I want to help college graduates to get a good job after they graduate.  If we allow businesses to have a lower tax burden to open and expand new businesses, then they will employ you and other Minnesotans.

  1. Provide quality education, good teachers, and well-funded schools
  2. Reversing the trend of Minnesota’s bad business climate and unnecessary regulations
  3. Reduce out of control spending and help you keep more of your hard-earned money
  4. Help college grads get a job and fight for lower tuition

  • We must stop punishing job creators in Minnesota with burdensome taxes, such as the Warehouse Tax, which slaps Minnesota businesses that provide storage service with an extra 6.875 percent sales tax. 
  • Eliminate unnecessary government regulations in order to allow businesses to expand and grow.  Without burdensome compliance costs, businesses will be able to hire more people.  
  • If we continue to raise taxes on businesses, they will continue to leave our state and there will be less jobs in Minnesota
  • Help new graduates get jobs.  Too many graduates are not able to find a good job after they graduate.
  • Fair funding for the suburban schools.
  • Allow teachers to provide quality education.  Encourage teachers to teach students in a way that they learn best. 
  • The Federal government should not have centralized control over our educational system.  Our children's curriculum should be locally controlled by parents and educators.
  • Allow parents to choose which school best fits their children's needs.  This will encourage school districts to adopt the best methods and ensure kids are educated in the best way.