Whether you were born in America or an immigrant, my life (story) is probably a lot like your life.  I was taught to work hard, to be honest, to strive for excellence, to help those in need, and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.


Let me tell you my story.

Check out this video I taped with ETV to share some thoughts on why I am running to be your next state senator...

My story begins in the former Soviet Union country of Uzbekistan.  I was born in a country under the strangle hold of communism.  Uzbekistan is next to Afghanistan.  Later, my family moved to another conflict region of the world, the Northern Caucus region in Russia.  This region is in the news a lot because of the tumult there.  I experienced living under the failures of socialism and total government control.  My family struggled to make a living under Communism and also in the chaos that came after its fall.  

In the 1990’s, my parents and 8 children, took a very difficult step and immigrated as refugees to the "land of freedom and hope," called America.   At the age of 10, I began a new life in Minnesota.  We came to the great state of Minnesota with very little.  We needed help to survive and I am extremely grateful for the aid that my family was given. 

From a young age, my parents taught me to work hard.  During my middle school and high school years, I would go to school during the day and clean office buildings at night.  My father soon opened his own janitorial business and I helped manage his business.  I also learned how to do construction and floor tiling. 

With hard work and the opportunity of free enterprise, my parent’s eventually achieved the American Dream.  We are grateful for the kind embrace and help from the people of Minnesota.  My dad became a small business owner and I did as well.  I started my own construction business, called Metro Floors, Inc.  I have a background in non-profit work and community leadership.

"I have found that the best defenders of America's values are those people who don’t take our country for granted.  Victor and his family escaped the grip of Communism. Victor knows how dangerous an all-powerful government can be. That is why I'm convinced he will be a leading voice for freedom, limited government and the value of the individual when he is elected to be your Senator."
-Senator David A. Thompson
Sen. Dave Thompson

Sen. Dave Thompson

I own a townhome and live in Burnsville with my beautiful wife Natalya and my son, Theo.  Most of our relatives live throughout the southern suburbs.  We are glad we chose Burnsville for our home.  It a great place to raise our son.

I know what it is like to live under communism, and I am concerned about some of the policies Minnesota is adopting.  Minnesota is pursuing some of the same policies my family fled.  I will work to represent you and your interests in St. Paul.  I will listen to your concerns.  I look forward to meeting you and talking to you.

My family and I when I filed for office at the Secretary of State's office.