As your State Senator,

I will work to make sure you have affordable healthcare. It is important to have quality health care. I believe in less government and less government overreach into our lives.

Have you seen Governor Dayton call the Affordable Care Act "no longer affordable"? Click here to view the WCCO story and video.

  • The health care/MNsure problem was created by my opponent, Governor Mark Dayton, and the DFL legislators who passed it without a single Republican vote.
  • "These are middle class Minnesotans. They are getting crushed by health care costs. This is a real emergency situation." -Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman

I want to alleviate the crisis with MNsure. My goal is to provide solutions that will get Minnesotans the health coverage that they can afford.

  • MNsure is harming too many families
  • We need to fix the individual health insurance market
  • I will work to decrease health care premiums
  • I support reducing the MNsure tax


  1. Helping you obtain quality and affordable healthcare
  2. Allow consumers to choose their own health plan
  3. Equipping consumers with the tools to help make informed choices
  4. Restraining government overreach

  • All Minnesotans should be allowed to have private, affordable, quality healthcare
  • Minnesotans should be allowed to choose the healthcare plan that is best for their needs
  • Government should not take away the freedoms that you enjoy today